Exclusive Bali Luxury Villas

in Uluwatu, Ubud, Seminyak and Canggu

Bali Luxury Villas™ is internationally known for our lavish Bali villas and exclusive 5-star service. Each of our villas exudes splendor while honoring the charm of the local culture. What makes us unique to the luxury Bali villa rental industry is our role of property manager. We have an invested interest in each of our private villas; we are not simply a rental agency.

The locations of our villas are chosen with the intent of providing the best of Bali for our guests.


The perfect location for your luxury villa, Uluwatu is famous for its extraordinary cliff-hanging temple, a structure many travel far to see first-hand. One of the nine key directional temples in Bali, it is situated 70 metres above the Indian Ocean. Each day it features a visually striking kecak dance performance.

World-class surfing is also a main attraction of Uluwatu, which is located on the western tip of the Bukit Peninsula. The waves provide a challenge for advanced and expert surfers and the beaches a stunning white sand haven.

From overlooking white sand beaches to being surrounded by lush forest and rural scenes, our luxury villas in Uluwatu are located in the most beautiful areas.

Unmatched 5-star service and customized Bali itineraries have made a name for our luxury villas. Uluwatu and all its offerings can be enjoyed while getting the pampering you deserve.

Find the perfect luxury villa in Uluwatu for your dream vacation by browsing our Uluwatu villa listings.


Ubud, located in central Bali, is internationally recognized as a major art and culture centre. Nestled amongst gently rolling rice paddies and steep ravines, it features forests, rivers, and mountains perfect for exploring. Ubud conveys a gentle beauty that transcends. Parks, gardens, forests and rivers offer an array of outdoor activities in which to fully enjoy Ubud’s striking landscape.

As the cultural centre, artisan workshops and galleries can be found throughout the town and nearby villages. Along with museums and temples, there is no shortage to the unique visual experience Ubud has to offer.

Our luxury Bali villas enable you to experience the rich culture and beauty of Ubud with all the comforts of the highest-class stay.

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Seminyak exudes sophistication with its world-class restaurants and sparkling nightlife. Known as the boutique shopping capital of Bali, the town offers the best in international shopping.

In addition to the upscale shopping and dining, Seminyak features an expanse of grey volcanic sand stretching to the horizons, a beach known for its breathtaking scenery. Glorious sunsets make Seminyak a must-see destination. The temple located beachside has particularly striking ceremonies.

When you book a private villa with Bali Luxury Villas™, you will have convenient access to all this town has to offer.

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Canggu offers rural tranquility in contrast to the bustling excitement of Seminyak, which is located just a short drive away. While Canggu proper is a small village on the beach, the name “Canggu” is widely used to refer to the large coastal stretch, running about eight kilometres.

Largely a rural area, it highlights the Bali landscape with its gently beautiful rice paddies. Its dark grey or black sandy beaches offer renowned and challenging surfing.

Our private luxury villas in Canggu provide a lavish oasis drenched in Bali’s beautiful landscape.

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